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Removing the human factor with systems trading

Almost every career is at a threat of having people replaced by machines. I know this was one of my main worries whilst at university; studying a degree steeped in logic, how long was it before the human error I was capable of made what I learned redundant by a machine that could do it...
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How to use margin and leverage

This blog is going to talk about one of the topics I receive more questions on than anything else: leverage and margin. More specifically, how these two characteristics of trading can enable you to utilise your equity to its maximum, whilst understanding the potential downsides and risks.
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What comes after Cryptos?

Now before I begin, I would like to make it clear that this is not a doom and gloom ‘crypto currencies are a bubble’ article – although the possibility will be mentioned. I am more aiming to ask a question that everybody seems to be avoiding – what will be people do when these extraordinary...
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3 Characteristics of Losing Traders – Spotting your Bad Habits

Being a profitable trader is an achievement so many aspire for and yet so few are able to realise. Even with a profitable strategy, a few bad habits can destroy any chances of success. When I first started I made every mistake in the book, which I am very open about when I discuss my...
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