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Welcome to The Two Traders Registration process. We hope you enjoyed and learned something from the first parts of our market leading trading course!

We have helped over 1000 clients learn to trade and our trading course has also been used by institutions! We believe there is no better place to learn how to trade than with The Two Traders, just ask our community members in our Discord chat!

Thanks to our FCA regulated partner broker we are now able to offer our course for free to anyone who signs up via our website https://thetwotraders.com/our-broker/

Once you have set up your trading account please register for our course below and also send Karl@thetwotraders.com to get your account verified and gain full access to our market-leading course.

Have you got what it takes to be a trader at The Two Traders and completed our course? If yes, please email karl@thetwotraders.com and provide trading evidence and we can have a chat about the next steps.

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