My Story

Four years ago I was a first year student with a bright future ahead, having secured an internship at a renowned Oil & Gas company. With a clear career-path and university going well, to the rest of the world I was pretty set – but I quickly realised that there were other exciting opportunities to explore.

I became interested in the markets after my first year of university, using my student loan to make casual trades. Over time I became profitable the hard way; making every mistake imaginable and blowing up a number of small accounts before deciding to take a more systemised approach to trading. My first attempt was a success – making $6,000 within a matter of weeks – however ignorance toward risk management wiped my profits after a single event rocked the markets. After concluding that rule based systems were the most sustainable approach for increased profits, I spent months developing the systems I trade today.

Shortly after I became one of the most followed traders on my Social Networking Broker, rising to the top 0.2% and managing over $300,000 for 600+ people.

This success has helped me shape all my future choices; I’m currently taking a 12 month trip around the world using trading a primary source of income. The desire to find independent financial freedom has allowed me to shape my future on my own terms, whilst giving me knowledge that can be shared with the rest of the trading community.

Why The Two Traders?

In the beginning I was working alone, but when I began to find my feet I wanted to share what I’d discovered. My first partner has been trading profitably for 2 years since I helped him avoid early mistakes. Now that he’s well established, I want to help aspiring traders to become successful.

The initial years of trading were both costly and emotionally exhausting, but it’s a journey that doesn’t need to be that way. I want to show budding traders that it’s possible to profit from the market; so rather than talking at you about how I trade, I want to prove that novices can succeed. The rules I use to trade take only 15 minutes a day to trade, leaving plenty of time to study, work or travel the world, and I have the track record to prove it!

It is ultimately you who will be trading, but join the community to learn from me and others and start your journey now 

Statistics: +422% since starting system trading


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Euan - Founder