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  • How to conquer your emotions to make you a better trader
  • How to manage risk properly in order trade safely

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The course is broken down in to 7 steps as outlined below:

1. Road to Trading
This is just an overview of how the course works, what you will learn and the most efficient way to work through the materials provided.

2. Basics
This covers who makes up the markets, the concepts of margin/leverage, stop loss techniques, and an introduction to technical analysis.

3. Technical Analysis
This covers support and resistance, consolidation, trends, pennants, flags, double tops and bottoms, rounding tops and bottoms, head and shoulders and gaps. Each topic goes through why the pattern happens, how to spot it and how to trade it

4. Technical Indicators
This covers moving averages, volatility indicators, Bollinger bands, Donchian channels

5. Exit Strategies
This covers various strategies to exit a trade, for instance TP, SL, MA cross, Time based.

6. Trading Psychology
This goes through the 5 key psychological hurdles that traders face, why they happen and how to over come them. These are fear of failure, loss aversion, controlling emotions, handling drawdowns and trading discipline

7. Money Management
This covers managing position size, trading psychology & drawdowns, market diversification, risk to reward, position scaling, price shocks and pyramiding.