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Chatroom Rules

The Two Traders Chatroom is designed to bring like-minded traders together, and will not always be moderated. By entering the Chatroom, you accept the terms below, and agree you have read and understood our Risk Warning, Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.

The Two Traders Chat Room is for educational information and exchange of trading ideas only. Nothing mentioned by voice, chart, or in text chat constitutes trading advice. Trades taken from here are strictly at your own risk. You should consult your broker or financial advisor before placing any trade. All trades ideas presented are not necessarily traded in a live account and should be considered hypothetical.

The Chat Room may be open 24/7 but will be moderated per The Two Traders representatives at available schedules.

Please limit your comments in the room to trade postings, trade setups, and relevant market analysis. If you have technical problems, or complaints (including, but not limited to, the actions or behaviour of other users), do not post that in the Chat Room but contact us at

Room Etiquette

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    • We request all room members respect one another at all times.
  • We expect Chatroom users to engage in meaningful, relevant and constructive discussion
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Breaking the chatroom rules may lead to you being banned from the group and your access being removed without prior warning. Upon entering the chatroom you agree to these terms and conditions, and are liable for your own actions and comments if you do not adhere to them.