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Portfolio Update

The Big Week Ahead: JPY, EUR, USD and GBP

It was a very volatile end to the week last week, with all the major currencies pushing through significant support and resistance levels. The US Dollar has collapsed to 3 year lows, the Euro is at 3 year highs, and the pound is approaching Pre-Brexit levels. So where do the markets go from here? Learn...
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Crazy Cryptos & Catching Copper! Plus a New Space for Traders!

As we approach the Christmas period, I am up nearly 20% for the month! This puts me in profit for 7 out of the last 8 months, with 4 of those at nearly 20% or higher. There have been some great moves this month, and there are more on the horizon. As we enter the...
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My biggest day EVER! $5,000 in 24 hours

Friday saw my biggest profit ever, as cryptos rose sharply across the board.  My longs on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin that I signalled over the last few weeks saw a profit of nearly $4000 over the day. On top of this, my Forex and  Commodity trades all pushed in the right direction for...
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Crypto moves to watch this week

Check out the latest market watchlist and which crypto moves I think have most potential in the coming weeks. Markets to watch include $Bitcoin, $Ethereum, and $Bitcoincash Watch 
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Portfolio Update and Markets to watch this week!

The most recent portfolio update is out, after making around $1500 last week. The biggest trades were $Soybeans, $Cocoa, NZDUSD and $BTC Also find out which markets I am looking at closed this week, such as $EURCHF, and $Natgas. If you don’t have access to all these markets, you can get set up here to make...
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Portfolio Update: 10/10/2017

The portfolio has been mixed across the week and remains at a drawdown of around 14% from all-time account highs. Natural gas has lead the way as the biggest winner, finishing up at a total of around $2000 profit including $500 in rebates. I have closed most of my exposure on this and will be...
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Portfolio Update & September Round-up

In the last couple of weeks the portfolio has pulled back from all-time-highs and September finished down -3%, after initially being up 10%. Drawdowns are the most frustrating and difficult part about trading, as it is much more difficult to watch hard earned profits disappear than it is to watch your equity grow. This where...
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Portfolio Update: +$3000 Profit week, from 15 minutes a day!

Finishing up the week with just under $3000 profit, from 15 minutes of trading a day. (I’ll take a $3000/hr payoff) Our biggest winners are $NATGAS (+$700), $EURJPY (+$650) and $GBPCHF (+$654)
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Portfolio Update 19/09/2017

Here with the latest portfolio update, focusing primarily on $USDCAD, $GBJPY, & $EURGBP. Profit in last 7 days is at $2100, and all 7 positions except $USDCAD are at profit.
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