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What are Futures Contracts?

Rollovers and contract expiration are some of the most confusing terms for retail traders. So, what are they and do they affect your trading?
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Is It A Good Time To Buy Oil?- Oil Hits 18 Year Low

We are in unprecedented times. Crude Oil has hit an 18 year low. What is driving this? Is it a good time to buy oil? Read on for my thoughts...
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Group of smiling investors, happy due to having successfully diversified their investments to improve their profitability.

Diversifying your Investments in Simple Steps

Diversification is one of the most crucial elements to trading success, and simply put, it means don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your investments enables you to draw on the fact that some markets will perform poorly, when elsewhere another market is doing well. You can draw on the strengths of different...
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