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1. Road To Trading

Getting Started – The Road To Trading

The road to trading guide provides you with a timeline with reasonable targets to complete our content. I understand that, like myself, most of you will be busy with other things during the day. We have suggested a 6 week program which will enable you to complete our content at a steady pace. As, like our trading strategies, this can be a part time affair.

If you have more time, feel free to burn through the content as quickly as possible. Either way, whilst trading, you must be constantly learning. I will also help you with this longer term development through my trading analysis videos, portfolio updates and blog posts.

You’ll learn over time why it’s extremely important to use a good broker, we’ve trialled many broker’s over the years and Xtb are by far the best we have used. FCA regulated and tight spreads, find out a little bit more about why we use XTB HERE


Keep A Record Of Your Trading With The Trader Tracker

This trader tracker will allow you to keep track of your equity, position size, open positions and whether or not you should close your positions (if using an time based exit like us). It will also calculate stop losses for you based on the Average True Range method (we’ll get to that later). You can also changed the width of the stop loss with out ATR factor, allowing you to customise your ATR stop loss to your needs.

Trader Tracker

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